Who Can Be The Best Advisor In Stock Market In India?

Taking an investment decision is very crucial because it is your hard earned money that you are staking. So when you are planning to Invest in Stock Market India to make some quick bucks, it is better to look out for the best advisor in stock market in India. How can you do that? Here are some of the parameters that can help you evaluate the best advisor:

  1. Look Out for Reputable Credentials

Quality is hard to come by and many time a bit expensive. But it is also exclusive and decides that you get the best. You must remember that although all the credentials are not similar, there are some people out there who acquire easy-to-obtain credentials but certainly are not an expert. So when you are looking for advisors with reputable credentials, check out whether they are professionally trained or not.

You can also check whether the Analyst or the company is registered with SEBI to provide advisory in the share market.

2. Quality

Any advisory firm can show their level of accuracy at its best on papers, but one must not blindly go with those numbers. Enquire about the performance of the firm’s advisory from the market, i.e. from peer groups, from their existing client table.

3. Accuracy

Don’t fall prey to any advisor promising you the accuracy of 90-100%. Share market is the same as life, it is uncertain. You never know, which one is the correct move? Which move will give gain or losses? But we must look to reduce losses. The advisor must aim at maximizing profit and minimizing loss.

4. Customer service

How is the after sale services of the advisor, plays a very important role. A best Advisory Firms in India or an advisor is one which provides you advice in all segments of the market. So, that after associating with one advisor or advisory firm, you don’t have to look for other advisory firm or advisor in case, you wish to invest in other market segments.

5. Costing

We in India generally believe, products with high price tags will be of better quality. However, it could be vice –versa too. So cost of advisory, should be the last point of check. There are many such advisory firms and self-proclaimed advisors in the market. However, as per the SEBI rule, the advisor must be registered with SEBI.

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