What Equity Mutual fund Investors Or Stock Investors will get when India Become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy ?

NIFTY level if Indian Economy Reach 5 Trillion Dollar from Today’s 2.7 Trillion Dollar ,Say in Year 2025/2027/2030

Its Not MODI Govt who believes India will become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy & Coming into Club of Top 3 Nations of World along with USA & China.

Only Time Factor will vary ,Like MODI Govt feel 2025 ,IMF & World Bank which has unbiased deep Study on Various Economies believes in 2027 India May be among Top 3 Nations Economically.

What Equity Mutual fund Investor Or Stock Investor will get when India Become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy ?

The GDP of India is 2.7 Trillion Dollar Today & Total Market Cap of all Listed Companies combined in India is 2 Trillion Dollars Today i.e. GDP to Market Cap Ratio of 70 % Today .

If in 2027 conservatively , We reach a 5 Trillion$ Economy ,Our Market Cap would be 4 Trillion$ in 2027 ,Meaning Sensex & Nifty Doubling from 2020 Level While Few Sectors & Quality Equity Funds & Stocks will do much much Better.

Basically in Next 8 Years we will get 8%CAGR Returns in Dollar Term from Indian Stock Market or 11% Annual Return in Rupee Terms. 11 CAGR on Nifty Means Equity funds & Quality Stocks will Double in 7 Years.

In this 7 Years, There will be Years of No Returns & Phases of Year with Exponential Growth.

Patiently ,Without much Deadline if we play our Country’s True potential of Coming in Top 3 Economy of World by 2027 After USA, China ,Financial Freedom & Wealth Creation is Absolute certain in Long Haul for Investors.

We should Focus on Which Sector/Companies/Equity Funds/Stocks are creating Great Customer Value because not all will make it large in next 10 years..

I believe companies who use technology to Solve Large Customer Problems will be Unbeatable, Unstoppable if they can create a Monopoly around them!

Your Equity Mutual Funds & Demat A/c has & Will have those potential Sectors & Stocks to make most of the 5 Trillion Dollar Indian Dream which we Destined to achieve sooner or Little Later

Lets Come out of this Mind Set of Next 10% Move on Nifty/Sensex & Play this Indian Equity Game for Long Haul.

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