India’s Growth opportunity size is so large ,opportunity size sab mein hai, but if you see the buying power is too less… The total number of population who can actually afford decent things in India is 10-15 Crores people i believe… These guys drive cars, take houses on loan, A/C but rest 110 Crores are yet to be empowered…

The GDP per-capita income is a First indicator of the prosperity of a country.

The country’s GDP per-capita monthly income is estimated to be $2044 in March 2020, government data on national income. In 2010 India’s GDP Per capita was $1040 ,So It took 10 Years to Double the GDP Per Capita Income for India. Now it will Increase as Base is Strong & Majority of Economy is Organised.

It was Observed in Developed Countries like USA,Europe,Japan & China that When Country’s GDP Crosses $2000 ,Individual Preference over Roti,Kapda Makan Changes to Other Life Style Spending. Indians has crossed GDP Per Capita of $2000 in 2019 & Naturally they will be get driven towards Other Aspirational Expenses.

India sells only 50 Lakh A/C v/s 18 Crores in china.. ,If Purchasing Power of rest Lower Middle Class Improves in coming 5 to 10 Years which is improving Year on Year since 2004, That’s New Market for Indian Players , It happens Automatically as we keep Growing Whether at 5% GDP or 8% GDP & This Community of Lower Middle Class climb to Prosperity & Spend on Life Style Things as their Next Generation Educates ,Job/Business Opportunities Emerge.

Anything to do with Consumption in India my personal belief is that it will do really really well ! Consumption means Your FMCG ,Pharma ,Textiles/Clothes ,White Goods ,To some extent Automobiles . Obviously Businesses Need to Innovate & Address Changing Demand Patterns of Public.

In a 4.5% GDP Growth environments a Company that Grows at 13.50% is 3x GDP Growth, Whereas in a 7% GDP Growth Environment a Company that grows at 21% is a 3x GDP Growth Company..

The Fund Managers Managing your Equity Mutual fund Ensure Buying Such Companies/Stocks which growing more than General Market While in Your Demat A/c we Bought “All Those Business Models/Companies/Stocks “ which have Consumption Boost which is Backbone of Indian GDP & Proven its Potential Growth for so many Years of Good And Bad Times.

Behind Every Stock/Equity Mutual Funds ,There are Businesses ,Plz Understand it as Shareholder to hold it for 5/10 Years ,We are Not trader to Track Stock for its next 20% Up/Down Move.

Happy Investing!


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