COVID Lesson for Investors: Never Waste a Crises in Financial Markets

Today, Mr. Equity Market, AGAIN Proved 

“NEVER MISS CRISIS” in Stock Markets.

Market In Nov 2020, Again back to its Level of 12400.

In Mar 2020, Due to COVID, Indian Market Crashed by 40% & Today 9th Nov 2020, Completely Recovered

Who WON this Battle of Stock Market?

Only 3 Kinds of Investors are Clear “Man of the Match”

They are Not “Over Intellectual” Investors But “Disciplined & Patient” Investors

1) SIP Investors: Since Mar 2020, They Every Month Religiously Saved & Invested in those Crises Month of Mar, April, May, Aug 2020 Months and Bought Those Equity Funds/Stocks at 10% to 30% Lower NAV/Prices, and Turned this “Crisis into Opportunities”.

Why Are They Able to Invest?: Because they Simply Given Instruction in Bank A/c that Don’t Ask me, Just Debit/Deduct from my Bank every month this Amount & They Bought this Equity Funds/Stocks Irrespective of Intellectuals Talking of “All is Over”, But as Investing is “Optimism”, “For Better Tomorrow”, “Ambitious”, “All is Well”, Ultimately “Positive Mindset”.

2) Lump sum/Opportunistic Investor: This Investors who don’t need money in the Short Term has Switched their Liquid funds into Equity Funds/Stocks, Instead of Herd Mentality that Things are Terrible in the Short Term, They Thought their Financial Goals are Sometime Away & Took as “Opportunity” & Made Most of this Crash. They Averaged Stocks, Funds & Increase Allocation Into Equity.

3) Buy & Hold Approach: Even though Investors, Who haven’t invested through SIP OR Lump-sum due to Cash Crunch, Credit goes to him to “Hold” Funds/Quality Stocks for Long Haul, Following Mandate & That Investment Pledge to Let the Problem Solve on its Own “Belief System” & Keeping Faith, Wisdom, Conviction on Economy/Financial Markets/Mutual Fund Scheme/Stock which has been invested through Proper Research & Keeping Belief on that Fundamental Research.

Certainly, the “Wall of Worry” for Financial Markets is Behind us but Few Roadblocks on Virus & Few Short Term Challenges for Few Quarters on Economy & Markets are Ahead of Us But Human Spirit is Ambitious Enough to Overcome it.

Happy Investing!

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