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Mutual Fund

Model Mutual Fund Plan

Valuemulticaps offers Exclusively designed Packages/ Plans for all types of investors which is segregated according to their Risk Profiles viz. Conservative Investor, Moderate Investor, Aggressive Investor. With over 20+ Categories of Mutual Funds and thousands of Funds available in the market today, selecting the Right Basket of Fund across Various Categories, for investment is a Real Challenge faced by the MF Investors today.

This is a Subscription based service where the Potential Investor needs to subscribe for any one of the MF Plans available on the website, ranging from INR 4,999/- p.a. (which will be a one time Subscription service which cannot be changed for 1 Year, until it’s validity expires.)


The following Subscription includes:

  • Exclusively designed Investment Plans and strategies for each Individual Client.
  • Weekly & Monthly Newsletter providing an overview & analysis of the MF Schemes in the Portfolio.
  • Timely communications regarding Entry/Exit from a certain Fund which is based on a Highly integrated Third party system ‘MF Maximiser Software’ which helps in Entry into the Fund at a Lower/Attractive NAV and Rare Exits from the Funds at Higher NAV, which is suitable for the Momentum as well as a Long term Investor.
  • Detailed Analysis of the Funds & Portfolio every quarter, backed with a Detailed report on the Portfolio Performance with respect to the Benchmark & Category returns.
  • Additional 5-7 FREE OF COST Scheme Recommendations in a year, irrespective of whichever Package/plan is selected by you, after assessing your Risk Profile, our technical team will Provide you with timely recommendation on these schemes as & when the Software indicates any signal for Transactions to be executed.
  • Periodic change of Rating, Weightage, diversification of funds according to the Market changes and Movements in the demographics which potentially affect your Portfolio.
  • Aggressive Model

  • Pure Equity Focus Model- (Aggressive Investor 5-7 Years):
    This model is predominantly focused on equity and therefore the risk parameters in this model are relatively higher. The objective of the fund is to focus on long term wealth creation and does not really look at regular income either in the form of interest paying bonds or even high dividend yield companies.

  • Moderate Model

  • Balance Towards Income Model- (Moderate 2-3 Yrs):
    These are lower on the risk scale compared to funds that are balanced towards growth. They entail low to moderate risk and are tilted towards primarily generating income and subsequently ensuring portfolio appreciation.

  • Conservative Model

  • Balance Towards Growth Model- (Conservative investor 3-5 Years):
    This model is more focused on an equity orientation but income generation is the secondary objective. These model portfolios continue to be predominantly invested in equity funds. These model advisory funds entail moderate to high risk in the long term.
  • Debt & Equity Balanced model- (Conservative Investor 1-3 Yrs):
    These model include the best of both the worlds by investing in a portfolio with a judicious mix of debt and equity oriented mutual funds for maximum growth & stability.

  • Tax Saving Model

  • Tax Saving Models (Tax saving investments) (INR- 1,999/-):
    These models include equity linked savings schemes (ELSS), National pension Schemes (NPS) plans, Fixed Deposits (FD) Investments, that can reduce the tax liability of the investor due to the Section 80C benefits that these ELSS funds offer. Growth plans are also structured to reduce the tax payable.
    (This Package can be acquired Absolutely Free( Add On) if subscribed along with INR 4,999/- Plan.)
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