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Mutual Fund

Our Unique Model Mutual Fund Plan

TechnoFundaBased Entry/Exit in Mutual Funds

Normally, there is a lot of confusion in the minds of investors about which Fund to invest in, at what Price to enter in, and most importantly, when to Exit from the investment.

The answer to all your dilemma lies with ValueMulticaps! We have an Integrated Mutual Fund System that is a one-stop solution for all problems faced by the investor.

Our MF Investment Philosophy

Valuemulticaps Mutual Fund Investment Philosophy is more of an Active Investment of Equity MF than Passive Investment.

Leveraging our Proprietary AI-Based Mutual Fund Software for TechnoFunda Analysis of Equity Mutual Funds

Our dedicated Research Team Filters Every Mutual Fund Scheme through Multiple Stages. We scrutinize the funds through their Fundamental & Technical Analysis using our In-house Software System. This software consists of Highly-Efficient Signals that help in executing the Mutual Fund Investment at the right time.

Strategic Analysis of Fund’s Expected Future Performance

As they say, “one must not drive a car by looking through its Rear-view Mirror,” we adopt the same strategy while investing in Mutual funds. We do not rely on the Mundane Historical returns and past performance but analyze the future prospects based on the Fund’s detailed DNA structure. Such future performance-based investments help us to generate Higher Potential Returns for our Mutual Fund Investors.

Our Exclusively-Designed Packages /Smart MF Plans

ValueMulticaps offers Exclusively-designed Packages/Plans for all types of investors segregated according to their Risk Profiles, viz. Conservative Investor, Moderate Investor, Aggressive Investor.

With over 20+ Categories of Mutual Funds and thousands of Funds available in the market today, selecting the Right Basket of Funds across Various Categories for investments is a Real Challenge faced by MF Investors today.

ValueMulticaps offers a Subscription-based Advisory Service, where the Potential Investor needs to subscribe to any one of the MF Plans available on the website starting from INR 4,999/- p.a. This is a one-time subscription service that cannot be changed for one year until its validity expires.

The portfolio creation for the model funds is largely based on the portfolio objective. Broadly, there are some key themes that our advisory fund models handle.

Aggressive Model

  • Pure Equity Focus Model- (Aggressive Investor 5-7 Years):
    This model is predominantly focused on equity. Therefore, the risk parameters in this model are relatively higher than other models. The objective of the fund is to focus on long-term wealth creation.It does not really look at regular income, either from interest-paying bonds or even high dividend-yielding companies.

  • Moderate Model

  • Balance Towards Income Model (for 2-3 Years time horizon | with Low to Moderate):
    These investments are lower on the risk scale as compared to funds that are balanced towards growth. They involve low-to-moderate risk and are tilted towards generating income as well as ensuring portfolio appreciation.

  • Balance Towards Growth Model (for 3-5 Years time horizon | with Moderate to High):
    This investment model is primarily focused on equity orientation, and income generation is the secondary objective. These model portfolios continue to be predominantly invested in equity funds. These model advisory funds involve moderate-to-high risk in the long run.

  • Conservative Model

  • Debt & Equity Balanced Model (Conservative Investor for 1-3 Years):
    This model includes the best of both worlds by investing in a portfolio that has a judicious mix of debt and equity-oriented mutual funds to achieve maximum growth and stability.

  • Tax Saving Model

  • Tax Saving Models (Tax saving investments) (INR- 1,999/-):
    The tax-savinginvestments, such asEquity-Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS), National Pension Schemes (NPS) plans, and Fixed Deposits (FD) Investments,can reduce the tax liability of the investor by offering Section 80C benefits. Growth plans are also structured to decrease the tax liability.
    (This Package can be acquired Absolutely Free( Add On) if subscribed along with INR 4,999/- Plan.)
  • Why Choose ValueMulticaps Model MF Plan?

    1. Rigorous Model Selection
      • The model funds are classified based on portfolio objectives, meaning they have both a Return Matrix and a Risk Matrix.
      • Clients can choose a model that best suits their unique risk capacity and return requirements based on their verydetailed and elaborate profiling.
    2. Multi-Factor Fund Selection
      • The most complex component of the Model Equity MF Portfolio is to select the right funds for each portfolio.
      • Apart from their risk-return profile, these funds are also evaluated based on historical returns, consistency of returns, risk parameters, and the extent of diversification in the portfolio.
    3. Periodic Monitoring and Rebalancing:
      • Monitoring of the Model Advisory Fund portfolios is customized to your needs based on your goals and target asset allocation.
      • There are clear rules and guidelines set and agreed upon for rebalancing the portfolio.These will ensure that any deviations in your portfolio are corrected immediately.
    4. Advisory Approach to Model Building:
      • At ValueMulticaps,Model Equity MF Portfolio adopts an unbiased, dispassionate, and hands-off approach to fund selection. This approach ensures that the funds are selected purely on their merits.
      • The service does not rely on principal paymentsand thusreduces the conflict of interest in the fund selection.

    Top Benefits of Model MF Plan

    • Personalization:
      We offer Exclusively-designed Investment Plans and strategies for each client individually.
    • Newsletters:
      Our Weekly & Monthly Newsletters provide an overview and analysis of the MF Schemes in the Portfolio
    • Timely Communication:
      We provide timely updates regarding Entry/Exit from a particular Fund based on a Highly-integrated Third-party system called ‘MF Maximiser Software.’
      The Maximiser software helps make Entries into Funds at a Lower/Attractive NAV and Rare Exits from the Funds at Higher NAV. These are suitable for Momentary as well as Long-term Investors.
    • Detailed Performance Reports:
      We perform a Detailed Analysis of the Funds and Portfolio every quarter, backed by a Detailed Report on the Portfolio Performance (Benchmark versus Category Returns)
    • Free Recommendations:
      We provide an additional 5-7 FREE OF COST Scheme Recommendations in a year, irrespective of the Package/Plan selected by you. After assessing your Risk Profile, our technical team will provide you with timely recommendations on these schemes as and when the Software indicates any Signal for the execution of Transactions.
    • Dynamic Investments:
      We make a periodic change of Rating and Weightage, and Diversification of funds.These are according to Market Changes and Movements in the demographics which potentially affect your Portfolio.