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ValueMulticaps Mutual Fund Scanner is the ultimate tool designed to help you navigate the complex world of Mutual Fund. Stay ahead of market trends, identify opportunities, and make informed investment decisions with ease.

Unlock the potential of your investments with our Mutual Fund Scanner!

Scan It.   Find It.   Profit.

ValueMulticaps Mutual Fund Scanner - Navigate Market Trends Effectively

Key Features of Mutual Fund Scanner

Valuation Zone Identification - by ValueMulticaps

Valuation Zone Identification

Discover where your Mutual Funds stand in valuation zones such as Fair Valued, Deep Undervalued, Undervalued, or Overvalued. Use this insight to make informed decisions—stay invested, make lumpsum investments, or book profits.


Bullish and Bearish Indicators

Our scanner examines bullish and bearish indicators, pinpointing Mutual Funds in extremely bullish or bearish zones. This information guides decisions on buying, exiting, or maintaining your investments.

Benefits of Mutual Fund Scanner

Efficient Research

A Mutual Fund scanner helps you quickly filter through a large number of Mutual Fund based on specific criteria, saving you time and effort in your research.

Identify Investment Opportunities

A Mutual Fund scanner can highlight potential investment opportunities that meet your criteria, helping you discover Mutual Fund you might have otherwise overlooked.


Mutual Fund scanner can help in building a diversified portfolio by allowing you to select Mutual Fund from different industries or sectors.

Continuous Monitoring

You can use a Mutual Fund scanner to continuously monitor your selected Mutual Funds for changes that may impact your investment decisions.

Make Informed Investment Decisions Today!

Empower your investment journey by leveraging the comprehensive insights provided by our Mutual Fund Scanner. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, our tool ensures you stay ahead in the market, spotting opportunities and optimizing your portfolio for success. Start exploring the Mutual Fund Scanner now and take charge of your investments with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mutual Fund Scanner is a tool designed to help investors filter and analyze mutual funds based on various criteria such as valuation and buy/sell signals.

The Mutual Fund Scanner uses algorithms to scan through a database of mutual funds and identify those that meet the user's specified criteria. It analyzes factors like valuation zones, buy/sell signals, and performance metrics to provide actionable insights.

You can use the information from the Mutual Fund Scanner to make informed investment decisions. It helps you identify undervalued funds, spot potential investment opportunities, and optimize your mutual fund portfolio.

Valuation zones indicate whether a mutual fund is Fair Valued, Deep Undervalued, Undervalued, or Overvalued based on its current market price and fundamental factors.

You can use the scanner to identify undervalued funds for potential investment opportunities or to monitor overvalued funds for potential profit booking. It also helps in diversifying your portfolio and optimizing investment strategies.

Yes, the Mutual Fund Scanner is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. It simplifies the investment process by providing easy-to-understand insights and tools for effective decision-making.

The Mutual Fund Scanner is updated regularly to ensure that users have access to the most up-to-date information and analysis.

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