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A High-Value Vehicle is Not Good Enough Without Knowledge of The Right Path Towards the Destination.

Direction refers to the Right Path to arrive at the Desired Destination, and without which, one is a "Refugee."
A directionless investor in the stock market is a Refugee. Without understanding the TREND of his Stock and Mutual Fund investments, he cannot achieve the desired outcomes.
Direction-O-Meter is a smart and innovative tool that suggests the Uptrend of your Equity MF/Stocks when prices Rise or are potentially Rising.
Sideways Trend on Direction-O-Meter suggests consolidation of the price of Stocks/Equity MF with Time correction.
Downtrend on Direction-O-Meter suggests falling price or price may fall in Stocks/Equity MF.
Fundamentals of Investment are the main aspects of selecting Equity Investments, but Price Analysis through Direction-O-Meter is an equally important parameter.

Direction-O-Meter + Quality Equity Instrument = Wealth Creation with Conviction of Equity Strategy over Long Period and Course Correction


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