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value multicaps

ValueMulticaps is registered with SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations 2014, Registration No. INH000005829 is an Independent Equity Advisory Firm.
We perform research on the basis of fundamental parameters of the companies, competent and ethical management and industry tailwinds and recommend investments in Indian stocks.
Our equity research team with 20+ years of combined experience in wealth creation in the Indian Stock Market carefully selects stocks with very high margin of safety. These are highly reliable stocks with minimal risk and maximum gains over the long term.


To be India’s most Trusted Advisory Company by creating wealth for our clients through long term wealth creation from the equity market across the bull & the bear market scenario.


Our effort here is to help our members earn out performing investment returns vis-à-vis benchmark indices. We believe we have opportunistic & unique risk management investment approach that offers the most sensible and reliable approach to building wealth through equity.


The firm’s philosophy is entirely client centric, with a clear focus on providing long term value addition to clients, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, ethics and professionalism.

Our Unique Risk Management Approach

Our Unique Risk Management Approach: We call it as FOC (Free-of-cost strategy), here whenever a stock achieves its fundamental value or Objective Return earned, we leave the profit in that stock & remove our principle. As we believe the story in the stock has just started but after removing the principle we make our capital risk zero in the stock & let the idea keep on compounding at steady pace for really long period of time. Here we have nothing to lose in this stock as capital been removed. This risk free comfort allows us to hold the idea for really long Period of time.

"In principle, you need three to four good companies to invest in over ten years." - Peter Lynch