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ValueMulticaps | India's Trusted Stock & Mutual Fund Research Platform for Smart Investments. Best SEBI Registered Research Analyst Firm in India.

Why Equity Investors Choose Our Services?

Objective Return-Focused Approach - Equity MF Maximiser System by ValueMulticaps

Objective Return-Focused Approach

Our Equity MF Maximiser System
guides you with both
ENTRY & MEDIUM to Long Term
EXIT plans to achieve
your investment goals.

Smart Algorithms & Advanced Technologies - Innovations by ValueMulticaps

Advanced Technology & Smart Algorithms

Our innovative tools backed by smart algorithms and advanced technologies simplify your wealth creation journey in equity markets.

Decision-Making Tools - Investment Matrix by ValueMulticaps

Exclusive Calculators & Investment Matrix

Benefit from unique SIP Maximiser, Lumpsum Maximiser,
and Investment Matrix
to make informed investment decisions.

Research-Backed Ideas - Portfolio Optimization by ValueMulticaps

Comprehensive Research,

We provide research-backed ideas for Stocks, Equity Funds, and Model Folios to optimize your portfolio.

Equity Basket Tracker - Insights into Portfolios by ValueMulticaps

Basket Tracker - Unmatched Insights

Our Basket Tracker offers unmatched insights into your Stock and Mutual Fund portfolios.

Rare Exit Strategies for Objective Returns by ValueMulticaps

Rare Exit Strategies

We Help You Achieve Objective
Returns with Rare Exit Recommendations.

Advanced Algorithms for Better Results by ValueMulticaps
Advanced Algorithms

Backed by Smart Algorithms & Advanced Technologies for Better Results.

Notifications for Investment Zones by ValueMulticaps
Investment Zone Triggers

Stay Informed with Email Notifications
for Investment Zones &
Profit Booking Zones.

Quarterly Insights - Market Outlook & Investment Ideas by ValueMulticaps
Quarterly Insights

Gain Valuable Insights with Market
Outlook & Investment Ideas Videos.

Our Key Differentiators

Intelligent & Dynamic Investing

Our TechnoFunda Analysis empowers you with smart

investment decisions, providing both entry and rare

exit plans for equity mutual funds.

TechnoFunda Analysis - Smart Investing Solutions by ValueMulticaps
SEBI-Registered Analysts - Reliable Financial Research by ValueMulticaps

Expert Research Analysts

Backed by SEBI-Registered Research Analysts, we

ensure thorough and reliable financial research.

Tailored Plans for Everyone

Choose from a range of plans, catering to both

Free Users and Paid Users, to suit your investment needs.

ADVANCED TOOLS & SOFTWARE for Market Insights by ValueMulticaps

Advanced Tools & Software

Gain access to our cutting-edge Equity Maximiser

Software, Scanner, and Basket Tracker for comprehensive

market insights.

Comprehensive Newsletters & Videos

Stay informed with our Monthly Newsletters and Quarterly

Videos, featuring market outlooks and investment ideas.

 Informative Newsletters & Videos - Stay Updated with ValueMulticaps

Why Trust ValueMulticaps?

At ValueMulticaps, we believe in transparency, credibility, and customer-centricity. Here's why you can trust us with your financial goals:


We are a SEBI-Registered Research Analyst Firm,
adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Proven Track

Our technology-driven approach has helped
countless investors achieve their financial objectives.

Trusted Recommendations

Benefit from well-researched investment calls and model portfolios
for equities and mutual funds.

Customer Satisfaction

Our satisfied clientele and positive reviews are a testament to our
commitment to client success.

Why should stocks have all the fun?
We love Mutual Funds & ETFs as well!

Not all investors prefer investing is stocks directly. In fact, beginners should always start
with Mutual Funds and/or ETFs. And even expert investors should have a decent allocation
to Mutual Funds/ETFs.

All our sophisticated tools, features and modules are available for Mutual Funds and ETFs
as well. Whether you want to analyse a particular Mutual Fund or build an MF
investment strategy, we have you covered!

Mutual Fund Maximiser - Smarter Investment Solutions by ValueMulticaps

Our Offerings

Free User (48 hours)

  • ✔ Top 3 Stocks and Top 2 Mutual Fund
  • ✔ Complimentary Investment Matrix
  • ✔ SIP/Lumpsum Max calculations
  • ✔ Basket Tracker of Top Stocks & MF
  • ✔ Peer Analysis of Top Stocks & MF
  • ✔ My Watchlist of Top Stocks & MF

Stock Maximizer Plan

  • ✔ Momentum, Bluechip & Multibagger - 25 Stocks
  • ✔ Complimentary Investment Matrix
  • ✔ SIP/Lumpsum Max calculations
  • ✔ Basket Tracker for 25 Stocks
  • ✔ My Portfolio for 25 Stocks
  • ✔ My Watchlist for 25 Stocks

GOLD/Premium Plan

  • ✔ Comprehensive offering
  • ✔ Basket Tracker
  • ✔ Investment Matrix for Stocks & MF
  • ✔ Monthly Newsletter & Email Notifications
  • ✔ Quarterly Market and Earnings Outlook Videos

Platinum/HNI Plan

  • ✔ Unrestricted access
  • ✔ Equity Maximiser Software & Scanner
  • ✔ Advanced Basket Tracker
  • ✔ Peer Group Analysis
  • ✔ Personalized Quarterly One-on-One Review

Join Our Platform now and embark on a journey towards Smarter, more Profitable Investments.
If you are already a valued customer, We Thank You for your continuous support.
If you are new, we can't wait to have you On-board!

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